3 Lessons from the Set of the New Disney Fine Jewelry Ad Campaign

Benard Creative was recently tasked with branding and launching Disney fine jewelry. Here are 3 keys to success when working on the set of big budget productions.

1. Surround yourself with people who are more experienced than you.
The ultimate proof of your work is in the end product. Never be afraid to hire someone whose abilities outshine yours. Working with big budgets requires a team; so build a strong one and you'll ALL shine through the product you'll deliver.

I gained a lot of respect for Frank Sinatra when I found out that he was known for having the world's greatest band. He didn't care if you showed up to see Coleman Hawkins on Sax, Harry Carney on trumpet or him - he only cared that the band sounded as good as possible.

2. Let creative people do what you hired them to do.
Be an advocate for your creative vision but remember that you have hired a collaborator not a machine. I keep a safe distance from the photographer and model as they do their dance. Hire people who's work you love and allow them the space (and trust) to do what they do.

I was satisfied with the Bell shot, of her leaning on the fireplace, and almost said "wrap, let's move on". I held my tongue for a 1/2 hour and we got my favorite shot of the campaign. I am most proud of that one because I allowed it to happen.

3. Over-prepare so that you're open to spontaneity on set. 
Study your script and scout well in advance so that you know exactly what you're looking to achieve on set. Learn the flow and requirements so well that they become intuitive. Walk on set with everything already worked out so that you are relaxed and have room to incorporate chance, accident and new inspirations. Remember that other crew members take their cues from the director. If you are open to creativity on set, everyone will feel safe to let their imagination and creativity be known in a constructive, productive way. 

We scouted the location late in the day. When we got on set we realized that the sunlight in the Belle room was more conducive to the Cinderella character. You can watch in the behind the scenes video as we rearrange our shot list.