Top 5 Tips for Creating A Dynamic Luxury Jewelry Website

For Todd Reed we created a complete overhaul: branding, packaging, display, advertising, films. Here are some of the things we considered when creating his dynamic e-commerce website. 

1. The brand comes first.

Todd is a true legend within the jewelry industry; it's time for his name to be known worldwide. We've created a virtual home for the brand that is also a view into Todd Reed's world. We romance the viewer through imagery and motion rather than sending them to the shopping cart as quickly as possible. Luxury is never in a rush. 

2. Tell the story with pictures.  

We shot a bold, iconic ad campaign, featured in a carousel on the homepage. The "Raw Elegance" imagery encapsulates the brand's essence and creates an immediate emotional connection with the consumer. When you invest in breathtaking images that help articulate the brand's values, consumers will follow your lead and invest in the brand's offering.

3. Use motion to draw your audience in.

Scrolling down on the Todd Reed site, the consumer lands on the brand essence film. Shot on location in Boulder, the film gives an intimate glimpse into the home of the company headquarters, and introduces Todd himself. The consumer journeys into his world, and becomes intrigued to find out more.

4. User friendliness - less is more.  

Websites can become easily overwhelming. We've reduced the number of choices on the navigation bar to the absolute minimum, and kept the type choices and font sizes elementary. All columns throughout the site follow a carefully gridded template. Simple design is user-friendly design; distill the elements as much as possible to create a smooth, sublime experience for the consumer.

5. Be timeless - be of the moment.

Pure clean lines and elegant proportion never go out of style, but technology changes fast. Be sure that you are up to the minute with vetted tech trends, and always use the latest tools to help move product. On Todd's site, we've included dynamic live inventory, which means that the site updates immediately when a product is sold. Todd's consumers are therefore shopping in real time, and have access to a real time chat option with customer service who can help facilitate and guide their shopping experience.


View the new site here:

View the entire Raw Elegance campaign




Written / Directed By
Katja Haecker and James Benard

Director of Photography
Jennifer Askew

Edited By
Theo Mercado

Music Composed By
Gil Talmi

Post Production
Big Apple Films


Creative Direction
Katja Haecker and James Benard

Horacio Salinas